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Hardships Of Being A Locksmith In London

            Being a Locksmith in London is Not Easy At All!

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Locksmiths are constantly under pressure. Everyone has their stakes on them, trusting them and believing in them to take care of their safety and security. Everyone believes they can call them at any hour of the day or night and expect that they will come to their aid. Being a locksmith in London is not easy.

  • Late Night Calls

It is hard to get a quiet time to rest or just be with family. You never know when that emergency call will come in .Locksmiths have to deal with annoying calls in the middle of the night, sometimes from drunk people. It is hard to know which person really needs your who is not worth your help. For instance a drunk teenager calling you late at night to unlock his car door. You may be putting such a person at risk because he is going to drive while drunk after you unlock his car.

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  • Hard to verify the owner when they’ve locked their ID in the house or car

A locksmith is supposed to check the Id of the person before unlocking the door for them. Without this regulation, any burglar would just pretend to be the owner of a car or house and use your services to gain unauthorized access. However, in many situations the owners themselves cannot produce identification because they have locked it inside the car or the house. It is a big dilemma here.

  • You see your share of dead bodies


Crime rates are high especially in the areas around Camden, Islington and Westminster. As a locksmith you may receive a call to help a landlord get into an apartment that nobody’s seen the tenant for days. That is when you learn the hard way that being a locksmith is not for the faint heated.

  • Fleas and evicted tenants

Locksmiths in London are at a high risk of contracting fleas and transporting the same back to their homes. When the call to unlock a home comes, you never know what condition that house is in. Most locksmiths now carry flea powder in their cars just in case.

On their part, tenants who have been supposedly evicted pose a challenge to deal with. To help them gain access to the house means getting into trouble with the landlord, to ignore them is to lose business.

  • Divorcing couples cause a major headache

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The lady can call and say that she needs the locks changed, apparently to keep the man from accessing the home. You respond to the call and do your duty, without knowing that the man was trying to keep the lady from accessing the home. Soon it will be the man calling asking you to change the locks again, and that cycle of madness continues. In your best interest, before they fully sort their divorce if you help the wife you should let your competitor help the husband, and vice versa.

Despite the challenges listed above, being a locksmith in London is a good thing. You get to help people, you work at your own discretion and the pay is not bad.