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Who is Andrew Charalambous

The United Kingdom Independent Party was in the forefront calling for the UK to leave the EU, in the just concluded Brexit referendum. In fact, Nigel Farage and his team of loyalists have gained more popularity in the recent months, than they have during their entire political lives. One of his loyalists, Andrew Charalambous, is an interesting person to study. Mr Charalambous made his first million renting out his property to the poor. Over the years, he rose from a private landlord into a passionate environmentalist, and politician. He is currently UKIP’s housing spokesperson.

  • Andrew Charalambous was born to a Greek Cypriot father, who fought for the British in WW II. His  father would later settle in the UK, where Charalambous was born and raised. He started his career in the housing and rental market .
  • The UK media poked fun at Charalambous, quoting one instance when he went to Covent_Garden and picked all the homeless guys there, and put them in his properties. But this paid off and today, Andrew Charalambous is a good example of a self made millionaire. He has also distinguished himself as a passionate environmental activist. In 2008, he opened the first eco friendly Nightclub of its kind in the world. The club made use of a unique technology known as piezoelectric, where electricity is generated from the human traffic therein. This concept has been duplicated afterwards in the Netherlands, and other places.
  • Andrew Charalambous has also initiated Club4Climate, a program where the young can make contributions towards addressing the current challenges we are facing with the environment. This program also advocates for nightclubs and other entertainment venues to be made in an eco friendly manner. He has been nicknamed Dr. Earth and today, nightclubs from as far as the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and others parts of the world have been inspired by his concept. He has also addressed numerous conferences and gatherings, spearheading efforts to help protect and conserve the environment.
  • Today, entrepreneur Andrew Charalambous is also a mentor to many young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the UK, and even abroad. His website is constantly updated, and he shares tips and advice on how to succeed in business, entrepreneurship, and such like. Charalambous was for long a Conservative who only switched sides to UKIP due to some ideological differences. He was on the forefront of accusing the EU of giving the UK a raw deal. He successfully teamed up with other Brexit proponents like Nigel Farage, to ensure that voters ‘took back their sovereignty’.


It is rare to come across a politician who is both an environmental activist, and a mentor to thousands of young entrepreneurs. That’s exactly what Andrew Charalambous does.

You can check out Andrew Charalambous on Linkedin also to see what he is doing currently.

Perfect Furniture For A Contemporary Decor Bedroom And Wardrobe

Our bedroom is one of one of the most important spaces in our home considering that it is a location for our everyday leisure & to offload our stress as well as exertion. So it is vital as well as all-natural that we get a long time from our busy lives to consider our ideal room furnishings since everything from our mood to the means we feel in that area will nearly completely rely on the type of furniture we get.
A contemporary styled room consistently handles to make one feel just right when they enter the home. Although there is lots of participation of all-natural light via home windows after that, just those bright, tranquil colors and also prints are preferred to sooth the spirit of an individual. The color and also surface of every furniture piece that you like in your modern styled bedroom will certainly be a mix of a light shade of shade with solid prints as well as patterns. Let’s see just how each part of room furnishings needs particular interest when you go out for purchasing!
Perfect Furniture For A Contemporary Decor Bedroom And Wardrobe

Island Of Restful Calm, Your Bed:

When you acquire bedroom furniture online, the original furniture to strike your buy listing need to be your bed since every other furnishings that you buy to position in the room will majorly rely on engineering, dimension, as well as the visible shade of your bed. The factor behind doing this is that all the other items of bedroom furnishings will need to be compatible with your bed follow guide for bedroom and wardrobe. Beds crafted with contemporary style come with trendy sophistication and also soft ivory tones. A bed that is repainted in fantastic white or lotion color assists in creating a restful atmosphere in your room. The only point to worry about is the dimension of the bed. You need to measure the dimensions of your bedroom and accordingly determine whether you desire a King size bed or a Queen size bed.

Appealing Closet:

Go for a wardrobe that is alluring on the outside and also sizable from within. An attractive wardrobe will make a striking declaration in your master bedroom. For a vast collection of clothes opt for impressively large wardrobe as it will never look enforcing because of its cost vanilla or lotion painting surface. If you like grey color coating, then it will certainly include a touch of trendy light in the mood of your room, however keeping that, it will certainly additionally be a memorable eyepiece. The modern feeling of the space fuses with a touch of nation home appeal. In the future even if you intend to alter the color pattern of your bedroom, this wardrobe will certainly never leave your side.

Impressive Bedside Tables:

Present your bed a pair of bedside tables that can be positioned on the either side of it for a rustic beauty and high-end. A beefy little closet will be perfect for you to keep an alarm clock, light, and your phone. Plus the valuable dovetailed cabinets will certainly be taking care of all your bedtime fundamentals. With so many usages this bedside tables will certainly be a pleasure among all the room furniture pieces.

Adorning Dressing Tables:

A clothing table includes an image of sophistication and also enjoy our bedroom. This is the location that every woman needs in her bedroom while she is preparing for a supper date, a day at the office or removing make-up before going to bed it is an essential part of the bedroom furniture. While finishing the collection of room furniture, a dressing table additionally gives you a possibility to take an eye on your own in it, whenever you pass by it as well as with that it will certainly likewise deal with the splendid collection of your cosmetics and also accessories.

But also for an all out contemporary styled room, you’ll need to absorb usage vibrant color schemes and artworks. You could hang appealing and also vibrant paints on the wall surfaces of your bedroom that adhere to a particular pattern. Similarly, with a light color cover bed, you could place on brilliant color bed sheets and also cushion covers. You could consist of as numerous patterns and prints that you want, however, do not over stuff things. You just need to remember that everything you choose for your room can speak of the style that you want to task.
Maintain, all traits in mind while purchasing a room furnishings for a modern bedroom decoration!

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Bedroom and Wardrobe Guide

A bedroom is a place to relax and unwind and have some privacy away from the rest of the house.  Getting a good night sleep is very important to feel your best for the days to come. So the better the room is decorated with furniture that you love, the more comfortable you will feel in it.

Your bed is the most prominent piece of furniture in the room and takes up most of the space, so it it important that the other pieces around the room fit perfectly in a way that they do not disrupt or take up too much space.

If you are redecorating and adding new furniture then it would be a good idea to measure the room and the biggest parts of furniture that you want to keep. This way when shopping you can get an idea of how big the new additions can be.

A good example of this is buying a new wardrobe. This is probably the second biggest and dominant part of any bedroom and careful consideration is needed so you choose the right size.

There are many types of wardrobe to choose from depending or budgets that people have and the size that you require. Also other factors like the material you wish to have them made from will come into consideration.

You can have a single one door wardrobe for one person or a kids room. Double door wardrobes are very common and suit couples and give plenty of room. If  you have a lot of clothing to store then a 3 or 4 door version is made for people that a vast amount of clothe that need to be neatly put away. Also there are stylish floor to ceiling wardrobes to choose from or you may want to consider unique sliding door wardrobes to save space.

You can view the YouTube clip below for some more inspiration and ideas.