Bedroom and Wardrobe Guide

A bedroom is a place to relax and unwind and have some privacy away from the rest of the house.  Getting a good night sleep is very important to feel your best for the days to come. So the better the room is decorated with furniture that you love, the more comfortable you will feel in it.

Your bed is the most prominent piece of furniture in the room and takes up most of the space, so it it important that the other pieces around the room fit perfectly in a way that they do not disrupt or take up too much space.

If you are redecorating and adding new furniture then it would be a good idea to measure the room and the biggest parts of furniture that you want to keep. This way when shopping you can get an idea of how big the new additions can be.

A good example of this is buying a new wardrobe. This is probably the second biggest and dominant part of any bedroom and careful consideration is needed so you choose the right size.

There are many types of wardrobe to choose from depending or budgets that people have and the size that you require. Also other factors like the material you wish to have them made from will come into consideration.

You can have a single one door wardrobe for one person or a kids room. Double door wardrobes are very common and suit couples and give plenty of room. If  you have a lot of clothing to store then a 3 or 4 door version is made for people that a vast amount of clothe that need to be neatly put away. Also there are stylish floor to ceiling wardrobes to choose from or you may want to consider unique sliding door wardrobes to save space.

You can view the YouTube clip below for some more inspiration and ideas.

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